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At VanWert Insurance Agency, our number one priority is to protect Pennsylvania individuals, families and businesses from the unexpected. We are able to provide a wide variety of personal and commercial insurance solutions. Here is a brief description of the most popular types of policies we work with. If there is something that you need that is not listed, please do not hesitiate to call. There is a good chance we have access to it and if not, we'll find you someone who does.



Whatever you drive, you have a lot riding on those wheels: Your loved ones and your peace of mind. Choosing the right auto insurance can help protect you from the risks of the road. At The VanWert Agency, we'll work with you from the start to help protect you wherever you go.


Car insurance tailored to you.


A car insurance policy can cover:

  • Bodily injury liability

  • Property damage liability

  • Injuries caused by uninsured/underinsured motorists

  • Medical payments

  • Comprehensive damage from events like fire and theft

  • Collisions with other vehicles and objects




How and where you shop for motorcycle insurance rates can save you a lot of money. With so many companies trying to win your business, our goal is to provide you with the information you need to make the right decision. Our motorcycle insurance rates provide you with the information you need to make the right decision today, tomorrow, or whenever you're ready. We offer motorcycle insurance rate quotes 24/7 online, so we're here when you need us.

Home & Vacation Home


Home, it is your safe haven. It's where you raise your family and create memories that last a lifetime. Whether you're buying insurance for your first home, or the high-value home of your dreams, We can help you protect this prized possession with homeowners insurance that fits your priorities and your budget.


Policies can provide coverage for:

  • Damage to your home's physical structure (Dwelling coverage)

  • Damage to other structures like a garage or shed (Other Structures coverage)

  • Your personal belongings - whether in your home or elsewhere (Personal Property coverage)

  • Additional living expenses if necessary in the event of a covered loss (Loss of Use coverage)

  • Your personal liability in the event someone is injured or their property is damaged by you or a family member (Liability coverage)

Business - Commercial


It is no secret that insurance can be confusing – especially when it comes to commercial insurance products. Your business will require different coverage than the next business, and so on. Fortunately, our agents understand. Over time, we have developed many different options and programs to meet the needs of ALL our commercial clients. Once we speak with you about your business and the risks that it faces on a daily basis, we can find you a complete and affordable plan to put into action.


  • Business Owners Packages (BOPs)

  • Business Umbrella Policies

  • Commercial Vehicle

  • Commercial Building Property

Workers Compensation


Since workers compensation is required by the state, The VanWert Agency makes it a point to make this process as understandable as possible. It is not an easy policy to understand! However, it is a policy that will provide extra security to your company.


With our many different programs, our agency can provide you with a customized package that fits YOUR needs and YOUR industry. We are also committed to finding ways to reduce your insurance costs, to ensure that you are saving money throughout the years. We do so by searching our network of companies for the right premium – for you.

Rental Property


As a landlord renting out your investment property, we know you've got a lot on your mind. Finding the right tenants, keeping up with repairs; the list goes on and on. Our rental property insurance protects your property from damages and you from losing income should covered damages make your property unlivable. 

What does Landlord Insurance cover?

  • Your residential rental property; single-family, duplex, triplex and quad

  • Other structures on the property such as sheds, garages, etc.

  • Items on the premises you own such as microwaves, washers and dryers being used by your tenants - even tools you keep handy for repairs

Boat / ATV /RV

Like any major investment, boats and yachts need the right insurance coverage. Our marine team has developed specialized marine coverage to help meet those needs. So whether you have a boat, yacht or an antique and classic runabout, you can cast off with confidence.

Boat and yacht policies can provide coverage for:

  • Physical damage caused by a collision with a submerged object or another vessel

  • Liability for bodily injury or damage to the property of others

  • Damage to personal property on the boat

  • Gas delivery, towing and assistance if your boat gets stranded



Get renters insurance: just $16/month on average.


Our Renters Policy can cover:


Damage to furniture, clothing and other personal items


Your personal belongings, whether they’re in your home or elsewhere


Personal liability for another’s injury or their property, if damaged

Umbrella Policy

Get additional personal liability protection at a low cost.


Our Umbrella Policy can cover:


  • Unexpected damages that exceed the limits of your auto, home or boat policies

  • Defense costs and attorney fees

  • Other charges associated with lawsuits

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